The ALPHA ARMOURING® SUV compared to a typical, armoured limousine:

The ALPHA SPHERION® armouring concept creates a symbiosis of three essential characteristics that must meet a modern protection vehicle. It has to off er its passengers the highest safety standarts and the best protection against terrorist threat. It does, thanks to the balance of its three core features:replica tag heuer formula 1 watches

  1. Ballistic and blast protection
  2. Payload capabilities
  3. Driving dynamics

Only an armoured SUV can off er the best possible balance of these core features! We are convinced that only an SUV has suffi cient ground clearance to provide enough resistance against a blast attack from the ground. This ground clearance, which is obtained by the chassis and suspension of an armoured SUV, gives the necessary agility and freedom of movement. Even in heavy terrain with high weight and maximum load capacity, it is possible to leave a potentially dangerous situation very quickly. An invaluable advantage compared to the classic limousine, which can save lives!

  1. More protection against blast attack
  2. Easier escape from the dangerous zone
    in the event of an attack.

For special exclusive requirements, if you do not want to miss the luxury of a limousine for prestige reasons, ALPHA ARMOURING® has constructed the ALPHA PHOENIX® (Link to PHOENIX-subpage)

Discreet appearance

The discreet and unobtrusive appearance of armoured vehicles manufactured by ALPHA ARMOURING® Germany also represents an additional safety feature. Even though ALPHA ARMOURING® installs the heaviest armour systems, the original exterior appearance of the base vehicles is maintained. A target that is not even recognised as such is therefore twice as safe on the road.

This is why we say that ALPHA ARMOURING® SUVs are the better guardians!

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