ALPHA SPHERION® armoured vehicles are built with high-quality Thyssen Secure ballistic steel developed

and produced in Germany. All types of steel are certified by Beschussamt Germany (German test centre for ballistic tests). The Alpha’s welding specialists are all certified and provide the highest of welding work on the homogeneous armouring cage of the ALPHA SPHERION®.

All ALPHA® vehicles have 360 degree steel overlaps in the doorways provides protection against ballistic impact through door gaps.

Wherever bullet-proof glass is installed, ALPHA ARMOURING® uses a special technique, which allows it to mount the armoured glass into especially constructed frames. This method provides additional support in the event of an explosion and furthermore allows the use of block glass (the opposite of step glass). ALPHA®‘s block glass offers more strength, does not break at the corners and provides more resistance against explosion. ALPHA ARMOURING® uses high- quality ballistic glass with excellent transparency. There is no delamination with our ballistic glass. It does not tire the eyes as there is no magnifying effect. ALPHA® ballistic glass provides high resistance certified by Beschussamt Germany.

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