Gepanzerte SUVs basierend auf Mercedes Benz G-Wagen

Das nunmehr seit 31 Jahre von Mercedes gebaute Urgestein aller Geländewagen, das Mercedes G Modell, hat bei Alpha Armouring einen besonderen Platz. Dieses Fahrzeug beweist durch die sorgfältige Modellpflege des Daimler Konzerns: Zeit ist allgegenwärtig, verstaubt eine geniale Konstruktion allerdings "niemals".

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Gepanzerte SUVs basierend auf Toyota

Der standard Toyota Land Cruiser 100/ 105 stellt den Höhepunkt von 50 Jahren Erfahrung und technischem Können da, der dem Land Cruiser seinen soliden Ruf für Geländetauglichkeit, Belastbarkeit und Zuverlässigkeit eingebracht hat. Das Fahrzeug ist ein echtes 4x4 Geländefahrzeug und nicht ein Kleinlaster mit Vierradantrieb.

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ALPHA ARMOURING® upholstery specialists finish with the utmost care, the interior fittings, seat covers and gear levers. All to meet the high demands of our customers.

Elegantly coordinated features provide for maximum individual comfort. The combination of the finest materials and superlative craftsmanship give a soothing ambiance to enjoy the sensory perception of safety.

The interior of all ALPHA ARMOURING® models is finished to an uncompromising standard. The use of materials together with the fi nest patterns and textures, combined with choices of colours, show our passion for quality. Our superior craftsmanship enables us to satisfy the most extravagant tastes.

Our designers will respond to every idea, every desire, every flight of fancy. They create sustainable and functional solutions tailored to reflect your personality and to make you feel at home as soon as you get into your vehicle.


To off er our customers a maximum level of diversity of design, we develop the vehicle interior concepts of ALPHA SPHERIONs® in our design department in close collaboration with our highly skilled car body building and upholstery specialists.

Our designers take up our customer‘s ideas and develop a vehicle concept – with pleasure and in close cooperation at the ALPHA ARMOURING® site – which even meets the most exceptional wishes and requirements of our customers.

The interior is created in a free-hand drawing in the first step. The ambience of the interior is then developed by the designer on the computer in an illustrative way, by successively testing and simulating equipment and features, high-quality materials and colour ideas.


Thus, every ALPHA SPHERION® becomes a valuable and unique vehicle, which combines

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